About Us

Bookmark Online was founded in February 1998.

Why Bookmark Online ?

We want to give a simply and efficency online tool to access, share & find your favorites.

  • Save time with quick links to your favorite websites.
  • Use Bookmark Online to quick access to your bookmarks and to easily create new ones.
  • Access your bookmarks from any computer.
  • No matter where you’re surfing the Web, you simply log in to access your favorites.
  • Organize your bookmarks to easily find them.

Bookmark Online makes your bookmarks available anywhere and on any computer.

 It  is very easy to use.

A simple browser window lets you browse, edit and add new sites. If your computer crashes, you need to reformat or decide to use another browser, all your bookmarks will still be right there, ready to go.

How to reach Bookmark Online

For contact information, please see our contact section.

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